Established brand in ancient history

IMPERIOR, a brand name from a representative of the history of the world, marked the development of human civilization and art of the peak period, the Age of Kings. The seventeenth-century imperial era, gave birth to a group of talented and unique artists. Later, with the battle of empires, some of the treasures whereabouts are unknown.

*IMPERIOR commemorative pendant(The Emblem of the Emperor)

Design from the Seventeenth Century

IMPERIOR was called ;The Secret Behind Imperial Age.; The design concept derived from the values of this rich artistic history and the mysteries of legends. These represent a range of jewelry that were precious treasure lost in battles. The design uses seventeenth-century artistic styles widely circulated, such as simplicity, realistic architectural sculpture, dynamic, elegant curves, etc..

Limited Production

IMPERIOR, like all the imperial treasures, have limited production. Each jewelry is carefully handcrafted with unique material and design. The black and white contrast is one of the major features. It imitates the old European imperial style, and adds a taste of Europe;s nobility and fashion to your style.

* (Royal Palace) Tibetan silver pendant, simple structure with precious black agate stone
Remnants of the Ancient

IMPERIOR¡¦s designers pointed out that in creating ancient jewelry with the polished effect, is not an overnight thing. They have encountered many failures and trials before they achieve this rare effect. First they have to balance the black, white, and copper color, whether the shape of costume jewelry that color. Second, they have to determine the material that complements this design. Crystal can give people the mysterious feeling of light; similarly, precious materials such as black onyx stone will be able to demonstrate the ancient luxury. IMPERIOR now mainly utilizes metal such as bronze, ancient silver and 925 sterling silver.

Designed for couples

Bronze is not just the skin color pursued by men, but also the desired skin pursed by women. IMPERIOR jewelry also use the color bronze, combined with silver to create the perfect jewelry intended for couples.

*IMPERIOR key couple set (Ancient bronze /Tibetan silver): Inspired by the ancient general axe and royal axe. When combined, they express luxurious elegance and coolness.